Tuesday, September 4, 2007


DOB: 11 April 1988
Location: Melbourne, Australia
College/Uni: The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
Studying : Finance and Economics
Description :
Annoying when first met, but really a nice guy. He has a twin, and claims to be the better half of the two, and vice versa. Womanizer since a young age and a bloody rich kid with a pool in his home, which all of us are thankful of because his house happens to be the venue of most of our gatherings. Also, he has a m****r f*****g foul mouth, so people, you d**n well better beware!

DOB : 24 August 1988
Location : Canberra, Australia
College/Uni : The Australian National University
Studying : Bachelor of Actuarial Studies

Description :
The literal dancing queen only seventeen + 2 years. Definitely the cause of earthquakes in the Asia pacific region as she pumps it on stage. Also the musical
organ of our gang and prone to random fits of bursting into song. Nevertheless under this layer of explosive musical violence lies a sweet, caring and... yes Ive said it ..... MOTHERLY nature. Referred to as the big che che of the juniors. Someone whose actually soft hearted enough to sing them lullabies if they have trouble sleeping. "Don't worry my darling juniors, Big che che will take care of you". But most of all shes a great friend to all of us in times of happiness and distress. We love you Winnie.

DOB : 17 September 1988
Location : Selangor, Malaysia
College/Uni : The One Academy
Studying : Foundation in Art and Design
Description :

Ean, using just a few words to describe him is deemed impossible. Eccentric yet calm, outrageous yet subtle, robust yet delicate. At first sight, you may be intimidated by him, however, as time passes, his softer side is shown. Apart from his phobia towards a woman/girl’s touch (which I hope it has been conquered), this young lad has many things to give. There is more than meets the eye in his case, as he will blow you away with his much appreciated humour and philosophic view. This musically inclined chap can rock some good tunes on his eminent guitar, which we all grew to love. Last but not least, he never fails to lend a hand or an ear to any person in need, which makes him all so special. He is a wonderful element to an awesome gang. Keep on rocking Ean and we love you!!!!!!!! =)

DOB : 06 September 1988
Location : Selangor, Malaysia
College/Uni : International Medical University
Studying : Medicine
Description :
Perilous, hazardous, and dangerous... the three words are but a few to describe Sharon Lam, one female every living entity should not mess with. she is able to slice you to shreds with her sharp and deadly tongue, her lightning fast words are so quick and precise you will not see it coming. She manipulates her way through various obstacles and keeps herself from harms way with her witty sarcasms. However, an able listener should she happen to rest her mouth, a probable advisor, but definitely a great friend.

DOB : 11 April 1988
Location : Melbourne, Australia
College/Uni : Taylors College, Melbourne
Studying :
Description :

DOB : 28 January 1989
Location : Selangor, Malaysia

College/Uni : Sepang Institute of Technology
Studying : Pharmacy
Description :

DOB : 03 December 1988
Location : Christchurch, New Zealand
College/Uni : University of Canterbury
Studying : Engineering Intermidiate
Description :

Someone that when you thought of Yoyo dance, he would appear in your mind…although already 19, we, the bunch of friends would sometimes shout to him “Grow up, kid!!”..Wei wen, is a very creative and cheerful guy. With his same types of brothers running around his house, you can imagine how chaotic his house is. But of course, he is good in entertaining us…Sometimes going to shop in shopping complex, one of us would say out loud, “hey, wei wen, stop it!!” Well, that is because he has a pair of very itchy hands..He likes to explore around, to feel and touch things that he sees. It is good indeed, but can be VERY annoying at times, especially when you are in the wrong mood. Nevertheless, he is an EXTREMELY good treasurer..He try to ensure that money will only go into the account, but no output..Being our treasurer for a year, every time when we ask for money, he will make sure he ask every single detail where the money will be used and whether it is worth spending. Last, and for the most important of course, a very very very loyal and beloved friend of ours. Party without always don’t feel complete. Because without his presence, we wouldn’t get to laugh as much.

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